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Bingley as a Kitten by sin-jin Bingley as a Kitten :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 1 3 Snap by sin-jin Snap :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 3 7 Civilized vs. Wild by sin-jin Civilized vs. Wild :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 0 0 The Way Home by sin-jin The Way Home :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 2 3 Light on Iris by sin-jin Light on Iris :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 2 1 Iris Spider by sin-jin Iris Spider :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 0 2
The words before me
Just don't work
I look at them
And feel like a jerk
What comes so easy to others
Escapes so from me
(Even though I stare and stare)
It remains a mystery
The kids at school
Don't understand or care
That I don't see what they do
It's just not fair!
The parents' fight
" You're smart"—the teachers try
To give me feelings of self worth
But sometimes I think they lie
What's wrong with me?
Why don't I see?
What everyone else can…..
What everyone else can see?
They give my problem a name
There're millions of us out there
Fighting the same fight
Do I join them, if I dare?
The words come slow
But with each battle won
The words before me
Become more fun
One leap forward
And three steps back
I'm eating words
Like a long awaited snack
I still can't spell
Names kill me
And I hate to read aloud
But I am finally free
Those out there with this problem
Hear these words and know
That you ARE Smart!
And you have so far to go!
:iconsin-jin:sin-jin 10 18
The Penguin
There's a penguin on my shoulder
That doesn't say a word
He just sits up there
And listens to things he's already heard
I never can surprise him
With what I say or do
He always know what's to come
To him its never new
The penguin on my shoulder
Is dresses in black and white
Every thing I say to him
Is either wrong or right
But every day I try to say
Things witty and/or fun
Hoping to amuse him
With what I have said and done
The penguin on my shoulder
Is a critical little guy
I can't ever make him smile
Even though I try and try
His silence tell me
That I have done it wrong again
I begin to wonder
If he is really my friend
The penguin on my shoulder
Makes me strive for more
But to him all that I do
Is always and forever a bore
It has taken me a while
But with each new day
I care a little less
For what he doesn't ever say
There's a penguin on my shoulder
And an elephant on yours
And the girl across the way
Has a big brown horse
Each little animal
Is the critical part of us
Never pleased o
:iconsin-jin:sin-jin 0 23
If Only
If only you were here for me
As you had been before
I'd tell you of all my fears
And hopes and dreams, and so so much more
Of how I like to take a walk
On a snowy day
Or watch the clouds troop by
In the marry month of May
And how kittens
Make me smile
Or how spiders scare me
I think they're rather vile
Or when I feel
The need to cry
Of how I've grown
I'm stronger now, by the by
Now that you have gone from me
Oh how I miss you, dear
I never thought this day would come
I'd always hoped that you be near
If only you were here with me
To help me be calm and wise
And teach me how a friend
Above doubt and fear must rise
I've learned to think before I act
And how not to toe the line
When to speak my thoughts aloud
Or keep them firmly in my mind
I know I've made mistakes
And wish that were not so
I probably will make more
But I hope in this you know
That I have learned to say
I'm sorry, more quickly then before
And a day doesn't go by
That I haven't wished I'd said it more
By losing you
A part
:iconsin-jin:sin-jin 2 12
The Moon
The moon shines full and bright
Through the dark and cloudy night
Making a golden ring
Edged in red
In the clouds overhead
Then the ring is gone
Showing nothing lasts very long
Surrounded in blue
The moon shines full and bright
In the dark and silent night
Black takes blue's place
The night changing its face
But like a light
The moon shines full and bright
In the dark and shifting night
Clouds drift in
And again
With a golden ring edged in red
The moon shines full and bright
In the dark and cloudy night
:iconsin-jin:sin-jin 1 5
Pastel Sunsets by sin-jin Pastel Sunsets :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 1 35 Must_be_Clean by sin-jin Must_be_Clean :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 7 49
The feather zips through the air, and then skids across the floor, the tip temporarily resting between two claws, gripped just firmly enough to hold it. Swish, it flies, followed closely by a small silver kitten. Flick, the feather changes direction faster then the kitten can hope to. Nails scraping on the tile flour as it fights to catch up. Then up the feather flies just as the kitten reaches it, and up the kitten goes, after it. But cats weren't meant to fly so after a twist and turn, down the kitten falls, tiny paws still trying to reach the object it most desires to capture. It's energy and speed makes the little guy seem strong, invincible. Yet its painful to know how fast those qualities can disappear.
          The words go through me. I hear them in a detached manner I had never felt before. They did everything they could. My eyes squeeze closed to stop the tears that threaten to fall. His own body has turned against him. My li
:iconsin-jin:sin-jin 0 1
Reaching by sin-jin Reaching :iconsin-jin:sin-jin 6 28
When I go Flying
When I go flying
At night asleep
I visit different places
With people to meet
When I go flying
I'm not alone
I am with and without
Every one I've know
When I go flying
I take with me
A friend, a lover
A fantasy
When I go flying
The world I roam
To be explored
But never to own
When I go flying
I see and know
What wise men search for
And heroes show
When I go flying
Up in the breeze
I find hope
And with that peace
When I go flying
Everything's right
No war, No hatred
No fear of the night
When I go flying
I don't want to land
But morning comes
I again join the world of man
:iconsin-jin:sin-jin 2 12
Am I old enough yet?
To have my word taken as fact,
Not have it scrutinized and doubted.
"Grown up!" what age does it mean?
At stores and restaurants a child's age ends at twelve.
Is twelve years of age "grown up"?
No! Twelve is still young.
Twelve has no world experience.
Twelve still has parents to take care of him.
So what age is "grown up"?
Jobs are offered to teen's age sixteen.
Is sixteen years of age "grown up"?
No! Sixteen is still too young!
Sixteen barely has any world experience.
Sixteen still lives at home.
What age must you be to be "grown up"?
You can vote at age eighteen.
Is eighteen years of age "grown up"?
Almost! Eighteen is almost there.
Eighteen has suffered and excelled in its limited world.
Eighteen has started a new life away from home.
At eighteen you become a U.S. citizen.
Your opinions count.
You're asked to help decide laws.
Am I eighteen yet?
Can I be treated as an equal yet?
Or am I still thought to young?
So when am I old enough to be  "grown up"
:iconsin-jin:sin-jin 0 13

Random Favourites

Selfillumination by Kutsche Selfillumination :iconkutsche:Kutsche 17,352 1,271 Lackadaisy Quantentheorie by tracyjb Lackadaisy Quantentheorie :icontracyjb:tracyjb 1,798 467 Oekaki gagnant - V by e-kaki Oekaki gagnant - V :icone-kaki:e-kaki 10 3 DESPAIR by darkprophecy DESPAIR :icondarkprophecy:darkprophecy 352 68 Do you love me? by nunomalaquias Do you love me? :iconnunomalaquias:nunomalaquias 10 11 mask of venice by jiuge mask of venice :iconjiuge:jiuge 5,129 311 Cheshire by kyoht Cheshire :iconkyoht:kyoht 6,497 761 Boston by vita-luna Boston :iconvita-luna:vita-luna 66 40 Wind by vita-luna Wind :iconvita-luna:vita-luna 19 19
Dance with me
Dance with me in the moonlight's beams.
Dance with me and hold me close, like so many years before.
Dance with me to the midnight's song.
Dance to the night bird song.
Dance with me and hold me tight, heal my heartache.
Dance the dance of lovers, the way we use to.
Dance with me, I have traveled far.
Dance with me, and let me remember when.
Dance with me like when we where young.
Dance with me as my eyes go dim.
Dance with me as my heart goes cold,
Dance with me, and then let me go.
Dance with me when we meet next.
Dance with me on moonbeams high.
Dance with me and know I love you so.
:iconthingswentbackwards:thingswentbackwards 6 94
Silent Fears
What a beautiful sound, you, lying next to me,
Early morning, quite, still, but for your breathes.
I lie still, listening.
Head, lying gentle on my chest,
Hair, brown, flowing across my arm.
I fear that I may stir you with my pounding heart.
Full of passion, full of a love that burns deep within me.
Worried still, that I might hurt you,
My passion overwhelming,
You, so fragile.
As I look upon you,
Unable to express, in word,
the love that I have for you.
Yet, some how,
You understand.
My silent fears,
in the dead of night.
What a beautiful noise,
in the shape of you heart,
beating so strong,
beating so loud.
But what a beautiful sound,
as I fall back to sleep,
a smile upon my face,
and my heart at ease.
:iconthingswentbackwards:thingswentbackwards 7 113
Gecko :::: by ArtofGrelin Gecko :::: :iconartofgrelin:ArtofGrelin 1,797 253 Lackadaisy Formaldehyde by tracyjb Lackadaisy Formaldehyde :icontracyjb:tracyjb 1,349 338 Ruffles and Peaches by vita-luna Ruffles and Peaches :iconvita-luna:vita-luna 2 3 Lackadaisy Sunshine by tracyjb Lackadaisy Sunshine :icontracyjb:tracyjb 1,631 399 Symphony of the Night by moyan Symphony of the Night :iconmoyan:moyan 1,811 268



United States
UPDATE # 15 ( it's been a even longer while :))

The Kingdom of Mis-Spell! In the Land of Can't-Type! In the World of Tip-of-Tongue!

Population: 42 Deviants


On trivia a Kingdom began to grow with people who could not alway spell/type an answer right. Or they know the answer and it just wont come!
psivamp Is a Goddess :meditation:

animedevildog is the God  :greetings:

FarFromTheBox Royal supreme emperor czar God :headbang:

SabreX20 is the Queen :worship:

John-Elway is the King to be :nerd:

jonathondeans is the Emperor :rzero:

bromack is the Prince  :stereo:

sin-jin (me) is the Princess :flirty:

CuriousLemur is the Royal Cat without wings :silentkitty:

Morphine-Cow is the Royal Dog :arc:

vita-luna is the Jester :jester:

jamiebarrow is the Master of Puppets :boing:

Jedfire is a Courtier/Bard :blowkiss:

:devdeath-discomfort: is an Amazonian :flirty:+:matrixfight:

eldris is a Lady :dance:

theunluckystar is also a Lady :dance:

gbkarr87 is the Lord of Enchantment :venox:

jaidlynrose is the Courtisan :strip:

vandollized is a Minstrel :sing:

kayfh is a Troubadour  :sing:

vainabstraction is the Amorous Troubadour :horny::sing:

TheDoodMan is the High Almighty Archon Priest of Psivamp :pray:

l0stwhispers is the Priestess :pray:

WaterBender45 is a Wicca :pray:+:begone:

sweetcloud is the Witch :begone:

starpete is the Wizard :invisible:

bestgreenknight is a Knight :salute:

JamiesHeart is the token gay Knight (in charge of the uniforms) :faint:

lousypirate is the Royal Guard :police:  

FrisianDude is a Marshal :police:

moonshadedweller is the clumsy Squirette :ninja:

RaifSevrance is an Archer  :ninjastar:

Magoo44 is the nursemaid, protector of the young :nod:

rockleesaga is the Cook :popcorn:

QuiggerHater is the Blacksmith  :worker:

VilandrasFury is the Attiliator :worker:

Killotin is the Architect :house:

chichirii is the almoner :ninjaeat:

CallsTheDogHamburger is the über nerd :nerd:

suchageek is the gay geek  :boing:

jingoist is an alchemist/town drunk/village idiot :drunk:

hitdevil224  is the Smelly Guy in the kingdom :slyfart:

If you would like to join our world, where you have friend who will always care when a word is just not coming out right, please tell me!

Here is a…
If you can't think of one you like to be

!And if we have talked and I have forgotten :slap: remind me!
  • Watching: You!


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verirrtesIrrlicht Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thank you sooo much for the watch <3 it always means a lot to me when people like my dolls as they are made for very special people in my life <3
Silly Sven 
Sironae Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch, it's greatly appreciated ^^
sin-jin Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015
You're very welcome. I like you style.
Joakaha Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Loveall1229 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
Hey there!  Thanks so much for the fave and the llama, I appreciate it :)
sin-jin Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
You are very welcome.
I work in the theater and I wish I could see one of your sets in a play.
They are breathtaking.
The rest of your gallery in also quite fun to look through.
Thank you for sharing. 
PlushPrincess Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter

Greetings dear♥~
Please allow me to welcome you to the Happy Plush kingdom!~* Thank you so much for becoming a part of it. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay^^ :iconcblushplz: My name is Rita, I also go by the Plush Princess, it's a pleasure to meet you, my dear~*
sin-jin Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Hello Rita the Plush Princess of Deviantart!
You are very talented!
I look forward to your art in my deviant watch.
My name is Abbey.
It was quite fun opening my messages and getting such a pretty one from you.
You made me smile.
Thank you.
A pleasure to meet you to.
PlushPrincess Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'm so glad it made you happy dear~! 
tifiz Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the watch!
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